Sustainable Floristry

Sustainable Floristry

Practicing sustainable design techniques, sourcing local ingredients & educating clients about making conscious choices to reduce floristry’s environmental impact


Low-impact production techniques and working with reusable materials are priorities of every creation – that means minimizing the use of plastic, using natural alternatives to floral foam, and not altering flowers and foliage with chemicals, paints, or sprays (rendering them ‘non-compostable’).

Showcasing Vancouver Island-grown florals and foliage, signature arrangements are designed with the seasons to provide the highest quality product for clients. Explore the Signature Floral ‘Menu’ (coming soon!) for design offerings between April & early October (the local growing season). You are invited to choose an arrangement based on mood or occasion, an inspiring colour palette, or even texture – feature flowers will be selected to bring the design together beautifully.

Working toward offering 100% BC-grown custom arrangements throughout the calendar year, designs focus on sourcing quality ingredients from Canadian farmers and foraging responsibility whenever possible – helping to reduce the environmental impact of the cut-flower industry and limit exposure to pesticides from imported flowers.

Wedding Resources

Sustainable Wedding Vendors & Locations

An eco-“conscious” event planning guide and accompanying planning services will be available for couples and event planners in mid-2022. This guide will feature eco-friendly options for all types of events, educational resources, and recommended service providers across Vancouver Island. Please stay tuned!

Bouquet Preservation & Wedding Keepsakes 

We are lucky to recommend high-quality, natural bouquet preservation services right here on Vancouver Island – Anna of Still Posy is one of the most skilled artists in the way of pressed flowers and custom framed floral art. Visit her website for all the details: Still Posy


How to Care for Cut Flowers

Change the water often.

Refresh your vessel with cool water every day or at least every second day to lengthen the life of your arrangement and keep stems free of bacteria. Sanitize the vase with hot soapy water and rinse thoroughly between refills.

Trim the stems.

Every 2-3 days, cut stems half an inch at a 45° angle so there is a bigger surface area for the flower to drink from. This also prevents stems from sitting flush to the bottom of the vase where bacteria builds up.

Display away from direct sunlight, heat, air conditioners and fruit.

Avoid placing flower arrangements in windowsills and other areas with full sun, near air conditioning vents, or lights or appliances that generate heat. Do not place your arrangement near fruit as the ethylene gas is detrimental to many types of flowers.

Remove dried leaves and petals throughout the week.

Keep your bouquet looking fresh by removing flowers and foliage that have expired. Molding stems will murk-up the water and shorten the vase life of the remaining flowers. Some blooms last up to one week (and may be perfect for drying later) and others last well into the second week.

Rearrange the stems as you go – try a few bud vase arrangements for a different look, or if your bouquet no longer looks as pleasing to the eye!