Behind the Blooms

Behind the Blooms

Meet Selina

Nurtured creatively by flowers, houseplants and greenspaces, Selina is a visual-thinker and a daydreamer. Following a passion for design and culture led to a degree in art history, a close study of colour theory, and progressed, finally, into creating floral masterpieces of her own.

Designing floral arrangements is a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle (AKA hubbub) of city life. After years of living in small apartments, with only a room of one’s own, the dream of being surrounded by a garden became a reality with the pursuit of a small, home-based floral studio.

The Story of 'Odelia'

Odelia Florals is the sister project of uncommon occasion, an event styling and production studio in Victoria, BC that focuses on celebrating creativity in local communities. Odelia Florals complements the UO team in producing a variety of events – from weddings and workshops to retreats and live performances – by making a visual impact with unique floral arrangements and installations.

We work with freelance floral artists on larger scale projects or when an extra hand may be needed. Currently based in Victoria, BC, our florals are part of events across Vancouver Island.


What’s in a name?

This question is asked often: why the name ‘Odelia’? Or who is Odelia? This confusion comes with the territory of similar-sounding names. ‘Odelia’ was chosen for its old world sentimentality and how it strikes up feelings of nostalgia, uniqueness and whimsy. At its essence, Odelia is Selina’s alter-floral ego – the embodiment of all the romantic, fairytale and cottagecore daydreams held dear in Selina’s youth and that which she still very much admires. As a creatively-fulfilling business and craft, floristry actively brings us closer to nature and allows us to indulge in the super-feminine or simply dig in the garden dirt.

If you’re a flower admirer, green thumb, design rookie or an expert “artiste”, we hope the Odelia Florals studio help you share in the joy of flowers together, learn about the ecosystem we’re stewarding, and hone our design skills from the comfort of our homes, or together at a workshop!